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  • Plastics recycling

    Plastics recycling

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Plastics recycling

KVS Plastics GmbH offers a wide range of services. In particular in the field of recycling, in addition to standard services such as milling, dyeing and reprocessing we carry out special services for our customers:

We carry out recycling professionally, with a clear focus on customer needs. Specifically, the tasks we take on include the following:

  • Disposal is carried out inclusive of waste disposal certificate
  • The purchase of materials is executed transparently and according to your wishes
  • Containers and exchange containers are provided, and baling equipment on demand
  • Granulation and material preparation is carried out according to customer requirements: we compound individually
  • Sublots can naturally be retrieved
  • Recycling and disposal plans are created for your waste

Milled goods

In order to ensure optimal further processing, as an initial step KVS Plastics GmbH sorts the obtained materials very carefully. This includes even small batches of 5000 kg. KVS Plastics GmbH accepts all common thermoplastics. These include, for example sprues, production waste, lumps, powders, shapes and profiles, as well as filaments and large shaped mouldings. The correct form of grinding according to type then takes place. All the materials are thereby dedusted and demetallised. You as a customer can choose a refinement grade from 6mm to 10mm. Of course, you will receive your regrind according to your individual needs, flexibly and to the agreed deadline. Big bags and octabins are the standard forms for the return of your production.


The regrinding of all common thermoplastics consisting of sprues, production waste or mouldings are standard at the KVS Plastics GmbH. For compounding, we can handle even difficult materials such as foils or fibre plastics. The material can be homogenised, if necessary. Thus uniform parameters are possible in the processing. Compounding also allows the option of adding further components to your production processes. We consider homogeneous regrinding to be essential for optimal processing. Our melt filtration runs consistently with changing filter changes. We pay meticulous attention to maintaining a constant melt pressure. Your regrind is free from dirt and foreign matter. This precision takes care in advance of any problems that could arise from the high stresses of long service life on your materials. Your regrind is delivered in the packaging of your choice, according to your individual needs.

Please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry.

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