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  • Plastics purchases

    Plastics purchases

The best out of waste

Plastic recycling:

As a specialist in plastics disposal, KVS Plastics GmbH has the necessary know-how for the proper recycling of plastics. The importance of plastic recycling for the overall demand for plastics has increased more and more in recent years. Stable quality ensures supply in the recycling industry. Both used substances and production waste fall into this category. Different varieties of plastic are carefully and purely processed. Thus, there is the possibility of a particularly wide range of recycling.

Plastic waste

We would be happy to prepare you an offer for your plastic types:

  • Granules (incl. remnants)
  • Fabrics from the hygiene and food packaging industries
  • DVDs, CDs and overproduction incl. packaging
  • Packaging, carrier bags, lumps, mouldings, monitor housingse
If you have an immediate concern, simply contact us.

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