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  • Plastic compounds

    Plastic compounds

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Plastic compounds

Compounding can only be carried out successfully with high precision. We are currently one of Europe's market leaders in the compounding of engineering thermoplastics. We develop compounds individually. This is one of our specialties. We pay strict attention to the exclusive use of high quality materials during development.

Due to our new reprocessing system, in addition to new plastics, we can also incorporate your production scrap. As well as allowing you significant cost savings, this is also eco-friendly. Our silo mixer enables the homogenisation of even large amounts of plastic - up to 20t of thermoplastic. The high quality standard is thereby maintained.

plastic compounds

Apart from the production of polymer plastics, compounding components are among the key elements of plastics technology. The process involves the combination of different polymers. At the end of the process, a new product results. The direct addition of organic or inorganic fillers, colourants or additives creates your desired properties. Various application options are currently possible.

Our team has the necessary know-how in engineering, chemistry and application technology. All our employees always work with the latest developments and technologies, to achieve a satisfactory solution for you.

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